1.1 Just want to see the price?

Open any product page, you will find the price, no registration required.

1.2 Want to place an order?

    • Add to cart;
    • see the price after discount;
    • select a payment method, get the 2nd discount / extra fee;
    • pay it, we will ship it soon.

1.3 Tax and Import Duty

Regarding the tax, sorry we cannot help you to pay for it temporarily (unless shipping by FAB, ref. 3.2); Below is a sample to Greece:

Assume the final amount of a digital thermostat order is 878EUR, free shipping.

You need to check the import duty and tax with the first six numbers of the below HS code (Harmonized System)

      1. Digital thermometer: 9025 19 9000
      2. Digital Thermostat: 9032 10 0000

According to the HS code 9032 10, in Greece

      1. 2.8% import duty: 878*2.8%=24.6 EUR, 
      2. 19% VAT tax or GST (goods and service rate): (878+24.6)*19% = 171.49 EUR
      3. 878 + 24.6 + 179.46 = 1074.09 EUR, is the total amount you will pay for this order

2.1. Transfer via Bank (receive the USD, EURO)

  • The Telegraphic Transfer (wire transfer) in bank counter or online, no limit to min amount, and will cost 2 to 5 days to reach.
  • Western Union, no more than 3,000USD or 2,450EUR, just cost 15 Minutes to reach!

Please share the bank slip with us once finish the transfer, but if you do not do so, Haswill Electronics shall not be liable for delays or failures in the delivery of orders.

2.2. Internet Payment Tools

  • PayPal: Safe, Flexible, and Practical.
  • VISA / MasterCard: Payment by Credit Card is made immediately, any failure to pay will cause the order to be considered invalid and will be canceled. The recovery of orders with failed payment can be made up to a maximum of 3 days after the initial order, by contacting us by email.

We would like to offer more methods if possible, please advise us of your idea methods.


3.1. Packing

The max weight of a box usually no more than 25 KGS, or it will be too heavy to move. 
The common packing material is a corrugated carton sealed with tape, and air bubble film inside if necessary.
Since all the express companies don’t allow to send dangerous Cargo, the dry batteries will not be offered, please purchase from your local market.

3.2. Shipping Methods

Orders on this online shop will be delivered randomly through FedEx / UPS / DHL / EMS / FBA to Europe.
  • FBA is a new service, they price cover import duty and vat tax, you need not clear customs, but will costs 2 – 3 weeks and requires min 13kgs / CNT, max 20kgs / CNT.

3.3. Shipping Steps

Once get the transfer from the buyer and found no problem on day 1, we will send products to you follow the below steps
1Pack products and send it to our courier agentIn Day 2
2The agent will get it and send it to youIn Day 3
3the courier waybill tracking number will be shared to youIn Day 5
4You will get the parcel or get notice from courier company to offer customs clearance documentsFrom Day 6 to Day 15

3.4. The Countries / Regions we shipping to

The below tables shows what Countries / Regions we can ship products to, and also list the place what we cannot reach, please buy temperature gauge and digital thermostat from the local or nearby market.
SQEuropean countries / LocationsVoltage
9Czech Republic230V
34San Marino220V
42United Kingdom230V

4.1. Quality Defects Complain

As you know there is no electronic product without problems, even Apple Inc. cannot assure you that; please be patient and contact us for complaints once found the problem and follow the below steps:

  1. Show proofs like photos and videos to help describe the problems if the buyer found any quality defects.
  2. We will analyze the problem and reply in 3 working days, and perhaps the seller will contact the buyer in getting more proofs/information, please make sure we can reach you in time.
  3. If the seller found products does not exist quality defects, which means problems caused by wrong operating, you will get the right operation guide;
  4. The customer is entitled to a return if it is found that the products supplied have defects or other nonconformities about the items ordered, please read the details in the next section.

4.2. Return / Exchange

Considering the shipping cost is high by express, we cannot deliver it to you separately, free of replacement will be sent to you together with your next order, or refund part of the payment.
The right to return only occurs provided that the products:

  1. Maintain the original characteristics and the packaging is not damaged.
  2. Have not been tampered with and maintain the identification label if the product is labeled.
  3. All products that are manufactured by customization are not subject to return, just make part of compensation.

5.1 Do you have an Amazon store to sell a digital thermostat and temperature humidity gauge?

  1. Sorry, we have neither an Amazon store nor Aliexpress, Wix, Ecshop, etc. until now.
  2. We believe this E-store is great, there are some comparison sections to help you learn the product difference, and offer a sidebar filter function, which could help you to select an ideal product easily with less time.