Programmable Thermostat

The programmable thermostat offers multiple options, allow the users to set it according to their actual requirements; Haswill programmable temperature controller mainly offers the below functions

  1. Temperature Calibration allows to correct temperature;
  2. Temperature controls
    • set-point and hysteresis setting
    • high and low limits for set-point setting
    • high and low alarm temperature setting
  3. Time controls
    • time delay for the compressor
    • time delay for the fan
    • time delay for the external alarm
    • time counting modes
  4. Defrost controls
    • starts/stops by the evaporation defrost temp;
    • starts/stops by the preset time intervals and duration
    • artificial forced-defrost
    • defrost unit types
  5. External alarm controls
  6. Evaporation fan controls
  7. Dual temperature zones controls

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