This multi-purpose smart thermostat only owns 1 output relay to connect a refrigerator or a heater or an external Alarm, select the corresponding mode in the menu function.

Similar to the thermostat for refrigeration or heating, electronic temperature controller here also exists only one output relay to connect one load which could be a heating unit ( hot water boiler/tank, heat mat/pad, heating tape, heat lamp ), or a refrigeration unit ( compressor ), It adjusts the temperature by turn off/on the input power supply of the load.

And more, the load could be an alertor outside of the freezer room, in this case, the temperature controller was taken as the heater or refrigerator temperature Alarm monitor, the external alarm apparatus will be triggered once the room temperature exceeds the preset safe range; then you can use it at the turn of seasons to remind you it is time to make a change.

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