Digital Heating Controllers

All digital temperature controllers on this page could control the heating process, 

  • With different upper controllable temperature range; 
  • part of them are cooling controllers too, you just need to change the working mode in the function menu;
  •  and they all are the compact panel thermostat which could be easily mount to the wall, by two clips.

Common Applications

Aquarium Heater Controller

When winter comes, the water temperature in the fish tank becomes too cold for most aquatic animals, many people will prepare a heater for the aquarium, a reliable temperature controller is the key part of that, to keep your fish from freezing to death or turning into scalding fish soup.

Oven/Boiler Thermostat

The controllable temperature of an electric boiler thermostat usually should no less than 100℃, unless the hot water from the boiler not for drinking, and the probe is covered with metallic ends, so that could bear the higher temperature than the TPE covering.

High-Temp Controller​

High Temperature Controller here with a special 100KΩ probe, the AL8010H High Temp Thermostat could control the temperature max reaches to 300 Celsius degree, the NTC Sensor needs to be customized.


Below digital heating thermostats from us exist differences

  • STC-1000 will be the only one you should choose if you want a dual functions aquarium controller, which could also control a refrigeration device, since only it wiring two loads at the same time, others just offer one relay, heating or cooling at one time, within a buzzer, could be the aquarium thermostat.
  • STC-100A is with the best price, operation simple and quality stable but without a buzzer inside, could be the aquarium thermostat..
  • AL8010F max reach 120 degree, without a buzzer inside, could be the hot water boiler controller;
  • AL8010H max reach 300 ℃, without a buzzer inside, could be the hot water boiler controller;
  • stc-2301 within a buzzer, with touch-sensitive keys, could be the aquarium thermostat.;
  • 200+ within a buzzer, screams if over-temp; when the room temperature is comfortable, you may take these thermostats as an aquarium thermometer with an alarm function, could be the aquarium thermostat..

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