OEM Customize Packing Box for Compact Panel Thermostat

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Haswill electronics offer OEM Service, You are welcome to customize the appearance of the digital temperature controller packing box, please learn

  • Dimension is 100*80*60 mm;
  • MOQ is 500 PCS, step +100 PCS;
  • Cost 5-10 days;
  • you will get the CDR format drawing of the packing box.

Mindmap of Haswill Compact Panel Controller

The most simple way to choose your thermostat for Refrigeration, Heating, Evaporator Fan, Alarm, and Defrosting

Click the Thermostat types to see all thermostat types.

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Additional information

Weight: 0.028 kg
Dimensions: 10 × 8 × 6 cm

FAQ of Haswill Universal Digital Thermostat

1. The price is real or for reference?

Real price and free shipping, random delivery by DHL / FedEx / TNT or other courier companies to Europe Countries, You may learn about this from the FAQs page, The MOQ is 200USD.

2. Celsius VS Fahrenheit

All of our digital temperature controllers default in Celsius degree, part of them available in Fahrenheit with MOQ.

3. Parameter Comparison

Compact panel digital temperature controllers tables

4. Package

Common package could load 100 PCS / CTN digital temperature controllers.

5. Accessories

We suggest you buy 5% ~ 10% spare parts like clips and sensors as stock.

6. Warranty

Default one-year (extendable) quality warranty to all our controllers, we will offer free of charge replacement if found a quality defect.

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Why us?

  1. The shell fire retardant class of this temperature controller customizebox is V-0;
  2. The relays we adopt comes from big factory HongFa;
  3. The inside material of the wiring pin is copper, some factories use the iron pin which is easy to rusty, just test it with a magnet;
  4. The transformer we adopt is the low-frequency one, more coils, sufficient weight (220V net weight 70g+), and longer service time;
  5. The Chipboard was made big factory, stable, with high anti-interference performance.
In brief, our products quality reliable, long life time, safe, and with competitively price!

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