DT-A100 Digital Aquarium Thermometer

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DT-A100 is a waterproof digital aquarium thermometer with a suction cup to submerge and working in water, suit the aquarium, marine fish tank.



DT-A100 aquarium thermometer, waterproof and Digital LCD Display

Features of DT-100 Aquarium purpose waterproof digital thermometer

  • With a copula which could suck to the glass wall firmly and 30 degrees elevation easy to read out the temperature value;
  • The temperature measuring range is -50/ +70℃ or -58/158°F;
  • Powered by 1 piece DC 1.5V button (LR44);
  • Default packed in blister card, offer simple plastic bag package to saving shipping cost if you required.

Additional information

BasicHS Code: 902519
Front PanelDegree Unit: |
Temp. RangeMeasure Min: -50℃
Measure Max: 70℃
MoreDT-A100 Package: in Blister | Separately Blister | in Bag
Thermometer Usage:
Weight: 0.037 kg
Dimensions: 17 × 11.2 × 3.3 cm

FAQ of Haswill Digital Thermometer

1. The price is real or for reference?

Real price and free shipping by Express to Europe Countries, The MOQ is 200USD.

2. Celsius VS Fahrenheit

We offer all digital thermometers in Celsius degree, part of them exist unit switch button; But if you need products only in Fahrenheit degree, Please contact us for the MOQ.

3. Cell battery VS Dry Battery

According to the policy from the most courier service companies, we only can deliver Cell battery / LR44 together with products, but can not deliver dry Battery together with products.

4. Blister Package VS Air plastic Bag?

Blister package designed to hang on the goods shelf easily, However, this will make it occupy more room when shipping, that is why the shipping cost higher than a simple package, e.g. plastic bag or air bubble film.

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